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Even more Eclipse Experiences

A great thing about being science-positive is meeting more people who are science-positive. Here’s some additional personal photos from friends and colleagues from Monday’s extravaganza Karley Austin, TX, and man,… Read More

Fine, one more XKCD

I can’t help it. Randall Munroe is just the apex version of a science communicator. Note the every-direction sunset! Nurture Your Scientific Curiosity: Feed your curiosity with ‘This Week in… Read More

Relevant XKCD

Unlock the Secrets of Science: Get ready to unlock the secrets of science with ‘This Week in Science’! Our newsletter, designed specifically for educators and science aficionados, delivers a weekly… Read More

Texas Delivered

As several hours of freaking out about cloud cover, it opened up around 1:00 pm Central time. And it was phenomenal. Thanks from us at This Week In Science!

Aliens Among Us? The Drake Equation

Are we alone in the universe? This question has intrigued humanity for centuries, and it’s at the heart of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). A pivotal tool in this… Read More